Slate’s David Weigel Headed to Bloomberg Politics

WeigelIn a post to Slate Tuesday afternoon, political reporter David Weigel announced his September 19 departure for Bloomberg Politics, days ahead of the expected October 6 launch of the Bloomberg Politics site, to feature a daily politics show with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.

“This is still my favorite magazine and I’m only leaving it because Bloomberg’s putting together — I will try to avoid corporate-speak — an ambitious political magazine run by the sort of geniuses who made Bloomberg Businessweek into a great print mag, and New York‘s political coverage a daily must-read,” wrote Weigel.

“Dave has become the very model of the modern political journalist,” said Bloomberg editorial content lead Josh Tyrangiel in a memo to staff as quoted by POLITICO. “Driven by his own curiosity, he eschews the pack to write and report some of the smartest pieces about how real people perceive their politicians.”

In recent weeks, Bloomberg has announced several major hires, including ABC News’ Tom Johnson and “The Daily Show’s” Pat King as executive editor and senior producer of the politics vertical, respectively, and Esquire’s Mike Nizza as executive editor of the Bloomberg Politics website.