Slate Readers, Editors and Experts to Convene at House of Sweden

What is “The Hive”?

It’s a new Slate series in which they “harness the collective intelligence of readers for the good of society. The Hive begins with a single, challenging problem. A problem that, if we managed to solve it even a little bit, could genuinely improve the lives of people around the world. Slate ask readers to come up with ways to solve the problem, then lets other readers and experts consider the proposals and narrow them down to a few winning suggestions which will be publicized on Slate and presented to policy makers.”

Wednesday March 10 marks the inaugural live event tied to Slate’s first project in The Hive, called “The Efficient Life”. Led by Daniel Gross, Slate readers, editors, and leading experts in the energy efficiency field will come together at the House of Sweden in Washington tomorrow evening to “brainstorm ways Americans can use less energy in their homes and save money.”

The event includes a panel, small group discussions and drinks.

For more information about The Efficient Life, The Hive, and to view the most popular Slate reader entries to-date for how to live life more efficiently, visit here.