Weigel’s Warning: Avoid Whitman-Walker Clinic!

Health care and sexuality have come to define large parts of Barack Obama‘s presidency and we’re seeing it everywhere.

Perish the thought of asking Slate‘s Dave Weigel to turn his head and cough, but this morning he warned his some 60,000 followers to stay away from the Whitman-Walker health clinic on 14th st. NW.

“Advice: Nobody in DC ever use Whitman-Walker if you can avoid it,” Weigel tweeted.

Metro Weekly White House Correspondent Chris Geidner took offense. In his first tweet of the day he shot back, “Whoa, buster! What up? Although it has expanded its services, it is the Gay Men’s Health Crisis [center] of DC.” In a follow-up tweet he said “[A]nd still does much to serve underserved communities in the District.”

Weigel responded, “I’m sure it’s good for that stuff, but it’s dreadful for the normal physical/tests I went there for.”

Fortunately, the conversation stopped there.