Slate 2.0 for iPad: New Look. Now Able to Share Via Twitter & Facebook

Slate is a daily multimedia magazine that combines news articles, videos and podcasts. And, it is all available for free in a single app for the iPhone and iPad. 2.0 (iTunes App Store)

I took a look at version 2.0 which became available this week. This update includes:

– A completely redesigned layout
– Ability read the five most popular stories being read right now at Slate
– Access to Slate’s collection of photo slideshows
– Full screen reading ability with a quick tap
– Access to Slate’s relaunched news blog, The Slatest
– Ability to listen to Slate’s popular podcasts
– Watch daily videos from Slate V, Slate’s video site
– Ability to share articles via Facebook, Twitter and Instapaper
– Ability to save articles to the app for reading alter and offline browsing

Comments on the iTunes App Store notes frequent crashes. However, I did not experience these problems while reading articles, viewing Slate’s short video clips and listening to podcasts. I will note, however, that the app’s navigation takes a little getting used to. The app does not present section contents in lists. Instead, entering a news section (e.g., Biz & Tech) plops you directly into an article. You then swipe right-to-left to see the articles that follow (somewhat like in a paper magazine).

Tapping the “arrow in a box” icon in the upper right lets you easily share an article via Facebook, Twiter, email or Instapaper (to save it for your own later reading). There’s also a separate “+Read Later” button in the upper right area. This saves an article locally on the iPad or iPhone for later reading. Saved articles can be retrieved by tapping “Contents” and then “Saved Articles.”