Sladden: Media Companies are Going to Play an Important Role in Finding the Value in Tweets

Many people find Twitter overwhelming. They have no idea how to make sense of the endless stream of 140-character missives. Twitter’s Chloe Sladden (left) doesn’t necessarily disagree. That’s why she’s working with media companies to help them figure out how best to convert the avalanche of tweets into usable information. She’s worked with both NBC and MTV, for example, to create visualizations of Twitter traffic for the Olympics and the VMA Awards. (Take a look at both—very cool.)

At TV of Tomorrow in San Francisco today, Sladden said that it’s through projects like those, which use tweets as raw data to tell stories in new ways, that media companies are going to lead the charge in figuring out how to make Twitter an important source of information for what’s going on in the world and in our lives.

“Ultimately, media’s role is to make sense of the world, whether it’s casting someone, picking the best scripts, or telling and shaping a story,” she said. “Twitter is just an extension of that process. And we definitely need media companies help our users make sense of Twitter… Media is going to play an increasingly important role in finding the signal to noise.”