Skype Alternative For Cheap International Mobile Calls

I’m pretty sure that many of you still remembers the big Skype outage that caused communication problems for millions of users and of course many of you searched for alternative ways how to communicate. Also I did a small search back then and found this service which offers really cheap international mobile calls.

Rebtel is using very clever solution to bypass expensive fees for international calls from your operator – they give you both local numbers to call to instead of calling to other country. Your mobile operator don’t see the international call and it means that you must pay only for the regular local call. It is very, very easy to use and in the end of the month your will be happy to receive your phone bill.

But that’s not all – I don’t know why but Rebtel provide information how you can reduce your bill even more – without paying Rebtel also! 🙂 Here is a video tutorial how to use this service and bypass Rebtel fee also – just don’t tell anyone! 😉