Skittles Finds a Way into Your Fantasy Football League

Here’s a quick case study demonstrating how to make sure a client’s brand plays a part in a conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with its business.

First, Skittles decided it wanted to become an official NFL sponsor this year for some still-mysterious reason. It all started with this pre-season ad in which Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch literally works out with candy.

Fun, but the brand integration got a bit more personal this weekend.

On Saturday, the company and its PR firm, Olson Engage, pitted one member of ESPN’s NFL Live against another in what cannot possibly have been a scheduled stunt accepted and expected by both parties.

Host/salsa lover Mark Schlereth “lured” fellow host and huge Skittles fan(!) Trey Wingo to “the set of a fake video shoot” on Saturday. You won’t BELIEVE what happened next — or the fact that the segment later aired live on ESPN.

At any rate, Skittles were dumped, tweets were written and GIFs were made.

Skittles gif

We may be somewhat skeptical of the story behind this video equivalent of native advertising, but we certainly wouldn’t be able to come up with a more creative way to tie candy and football together if you put us on the spot.