Piqued Woman Interrupts WUSA9’s Ptacek

“She did not want to talk to me about what inspectors found inside this popular roller rink,” WUSA9‘s Russ Ptacek said in a VO over his latest Restaurant Alert—a segment that features area food establishments in trouble with health inspectors.

Ptacek is a firebrand, but in the way you’d expect from an investigative TV reporter. The last time we checked in with him he was screwing with DC cabbies—to a somewhat hilarious result.

But that the women he’s referring to didn’t want to talk to him, well that was maybe a bit of an understatement. A manager at the Temple Hills Skate Palace on Branch Avenue, she followed Ptacek and the WUSA9 crew outside as they were shooting in the parking lot.

“I asked you to leave the premises. Hello!” she said as she came out the door, interrupting Ptacek’s standup. Later: “And please stop filming me, do you hear what I’m saying to you? … You don’t have the right, or my permission to film anything on this premises.”

Ptacek tried to smooth things over, even offering to give her the chance to show how they’d cleaned the place up—but neither she nor the Skate Palace’s owner got back in touch like they said would.

So what got the Skate Palace in so much trouble in the first place? Mouse droppings. All over the place. Even on the pizza.

Here’s the entire segment.