Spanish Developer Creates Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin

A few weeks ago, Facebook employee Adam Hupp posted a Facebook Connect WordPress plugin to his personal website. It’s since been taken down, but Spanish social application developer Sixjumps has now built a Facebook Connect WordPress plugin themselves. Check it out in action below!

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

Facebook Connect brings a powerful new dimension to identity on the open web. Now, authors and commenters can connect their activity on blogs across the web to their Facebook accounts if they so choose – sharing their activity with friends through their Facebook feeds.

The Sixjumps Facebook Connect WordPress plugin sports the following features:

  • Log in with Facebook authentication. The plugin automatically creates a WordPress user account when for new users when they log in.
  • Invite Facebook friends to the blog using a multi-friend-selector much like that available to apps running inside Facebook.
  • See which Facebook friends are part of the blog’s “community” (have authenticated on the blog)
  • Comments are syndicated out to users’ Facebook Mini Feeds
  • The blog owner can show Facebook profile photos of the blog’s latest visitors, much like MyBlogLog

Sixjumps says it will open source its plugin when Facebook Connect launches out of beta early this fall. Still, the plugin shows the potential of Facebook Connect to become an important part of the web’s infrastructure.

Currently, Facebook Connect is only accessible to developers.

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