Sir Ive and Lady Rawsthorn Sit Down for a Chat


Fresh from slaying dragons, the recently knighted Jonathan Ive spent some time with the former Design Museum director, Alice Rawsthorn (see, we told you we’d be reading her weekly column from now on), to talk about Apple, himself, and everything in between. It’s an interesting read, but if you have no stomach for getting fed the company line(s), you might want to turn away right now:

“It’s a shocking statement for a CEO to say publicly, as Steve has, that the goal of a company isn’t to make money, it’s to make great products,” Ive said. “We’ve been a long way through product development programs and canceled them because we had that sinking feeling that they weren’t good enough. That courage testifies that the product is at the heart of everything we do.”

We’re all nutty about Apple too, but c’mon. When have you heard a CEO of any company “say publicly” that they’re hoping just to rake in the cash? “Oh man, we’re rolling out total garbage to you peons, just so we can buy a new yacht!” Sorry, but that doesn’t happen and so, nope, sorry, that isn’t a shocking statement at all. But, hey, the guy’s just doing his job.