Since When Are Graphic Designers Total Hotties?


There’s something in the editorial water that’s got everyone from the Observer to the Post (ok, there’s our explanation) writing about public pickups and outdoor makeouts and hot High Line action. But we were a little shocked to read the Post story, which is chock-full of alliteration and adjective (yeah, meta). We had to ask ourselves, which of these things doesn’t fit?

Forget nightclubs; this romance rocket funnels hipsters home to Brooklyn, serving up a crammed carful of youthful eye candy in the form of NYU co-eds, graphic designers, Web masters, poets, out-of-work musicians and not-so-starving artists.

So that’s a little dodgy. But this???

The survey also found almost half of New York youngsters live here for the big salaries…

That’s so why we’re here. Um, Corporate? Can we talk?