Simply Ze Best

The man needs no introduction. But if we must: Ze Frank, everyone; everyone, Ze Frank. If you haven’t been to his website today, go. No, seriously, you might have been there before, but now Frank does a daily show that he shoots, narrates and edits every single day. It’s true! Today is June 14, 2006, and he’s in Vegas.

Nose around his site a bit to get a feel for what he does. This guy spent 8.5 months creating a new project every single day (the games and other diversions on the homepage are some of these results). Frank simply plays with the way we play, which is, in turn, the key to how we interact with design.

Frank talked about the rise of authorship in design (MySpace, YouTube, his own comment-addled website) and that it’s an opportunity designers can’t afford to squander. “When someone comes to look at something, you build value just by getting them to do anything.” Your audience is quickly learning your language (“They even know what Verdana is!” says Frank) and they just want to have a conversation with your brand, your company, your experience, you.

No matter what you design, says Ze Frank: “Have a conversation with your users.”

Some people we’ve spoken with before think Frank’s presentations are Design-Lite (funny web stuff, cool things he made, no big heavy concepts). But we actually think Frank’s commentary was one of the most thought-provoking views into the future of design we’ve ever seen. Which is even more incredible considering he said the word “penis” approximately 32 times.

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