Simply Hired Reports Job Search Spike in Denver & Seattle

footballAccording to our friends at job search engine Simply Hired, apparently the Super Bowl has already made an impact on job seekers. There’s a jump in interest for candidates searching for jobs in Denver and Seattle.

Since winning their division titles, Seattle saw an increase of 29 percent relating to unique job seekers. Denver saw a boost though it’s not as high (their spike was 3 percent).

The fastest growing occupations are right up our alley, too. In Denver, it’s the graphic designer, search marketing strategist, web developers, public relations specialists and editors.

In Seattle, the fastest growing occupations from last January compared to this January include the search marketing strategist, graphic designer, then architect, then web developer and internists.

In both locations there’s an over supply of copy writers but both locations report an under supply of web developers and English/literature teachers.