Simon & Schuster Compresses Imprints & Lays Off Employees

We despise writing about layoffs on a Friday afternoon, really we do but it must be done.

According to The New York Post, Simon & Schuster compressed its imprints this week into four main groups. As for the result? They laid off less than 10 people.

As per the piece,  Martha Levin, executive vice president of Free Press, and Dominick Anfuso, vice president and editor-in-chief of the division, were among the leaders who were laid off.

As for the four remaining groups, the Simon & Schuster Publishing Group has absorbed Free Press. Jonathan Karp will head up this group.

Then there’s the Atria Publishing Group with Judith Curr at the helm. Howard Books is going into the mix in this group.

Next up, there’s the Scribner Publishing Group which is absorbing the Touchstone Imprint. Susan Moldow steers the ship of this group and lastly, there’s the Gallery Publishing Group. Louise Burke is in charge of this group which Pocket Books has folded into.