Simon Clift Wants to Get Unilever to Put Focus Back on Design

If you have some great ideas for new packaging and ad layouts, or you want to just create another fakey inspirational campaign, maybe now is the time to try and hitch a ride on the Unilever gravy train. In this Design Week interview, the mega-company’s old employee but new chief marketing officer, Simon Clift, seems to be taking a page from General Motors‘ plans and is saying that design must be the first thing the company focuses on with each and every one of their products, after having been a focus low on the list for far too long, as well as having a structure that allowed for different offices to create “wildly varying versions of its branding and packaging concepts.” While it seems like an uphill battle to climb, as Unilever remains a tree with a million semi-independent branches, you have to give Clift credit to trying to reign it all in and get focused.