SimCity Deluxe for iPad: A Classic Returns. Much More Playable Than iPhone Version

I took advantage of Electronic Arts’ current 99 cent iOS games sale (70 EA games for the iPhone or iPad are on sale for 99 cents for some unspecified period of time) to buy the iPad version of one of my all-time favorite games.

SimCity Deluxe for iPad

Wil Wright’s original SimCity (MS-DOS version) let you guide the development of a city by controlling development of homes, business and industrial complexes balanced by the need for water, electrical power, public safety, and general population happiness. I bought and tried the iPhone version of SimCity but was not happy with it. My opinion is that the iPhone’s screen is simply too small to comfortably deal with a visually complex simulation game. The iPad, on the other hand, has a screen that is about the same size as the notebook computer I used to run the original SimCity nearly two decades ago.

So, how is it? First, I have not seen the app crashing problem noted by commenters in the app’s Customer Ratings. I’m running version 1.0.0 like everyone else since the app was just released last week (Dec. 14) with no update available yet. The town you see in the screenshot was built from the tutorial mode. Game play will be familiar to anyone who has played earlier SimCity versions on other platforms. Based on just several short periods of play, it looks like a great episodic game that can be played in several short spurts or long focused periods. It is definitely more “playable” than the iPhone version.