Silvia Killingsworth Named Editor of The Awl

Smart hire.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.04.37 PMThe Awl has found its new editorSilvia Killingsworth, most recently The New Yorker’s managing editor, has filled the role.

“Silvia’s breadth of experience and wealth of ideas and just genuine enthusiasm (an emotion you may have noticed as being in short supply over the last, say, seven years here) about things make her the clear and obvious choice to head The Awl as it evolves into its next stage of life,” wrote The Awl co-founder Alex Balk. “In fact, we’re so impressed by her vision for the site that we have also tasked her to oversee the revival of The Hairpin, which will begin at roughly the same time.”

Killingsworth is succeeding co-editors John Herrman and Matt Buchanan.