Silicon Alley 2.0: Merely Silicon Alley 1.0 With a Plan

Looks like we owe Warren St. John an apology. On Friday we reported his forthcoming Styles piece on the so-called Silicon Alley Redux, and guessed he’d take the opportunity to coin a new term for it. We even solicited FishbowlNY readers to coin their own (our favorite: “1999 2.0“) and offered a free lunch to whoever came closest to St. John’s. We were all wrong. Silicon Alley 2.0 coinage? St. John would have none of it:

Though few new-media entrepreneurs would say it loudly for fear of jinxing themselves, Silicon Alley is buzzing again. In recent months a number of Manhattan new-media companies have been involved in heady high-dollar deals that carried a faint but alluring whiff of the good old days.

In fact, St. John uses not one of his 1,900-plus words on the return of Manhattan dotcoms to attempt to coin a new one for it, something even we would’ve done. That’s some writery self-restraint.

Alive and Well in Silicon Alley [NYT]