Sietsema: Commissary Responds

We told you yesterday about the hot water that Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema finds himself in. The Post chastised him after he wrote a harsh review of a restaurant where someone he used to have a “personal relationship works.”

Well, now, the restaurant — The Commissary — has responded and the Washington City Paper has the details.

    In last Wednesday’s Washington Post Food Section, under Tom Sietsema’s First Bites column, an article appeared about Commissary, our newest restaurant. Some of you may have read it and been as shocked as we were. It was not an objective, unbiased and informed article as it should have been. Instead it was a biased and vitriolic rampage. We believe Mr. Sietsema used his column as a missile launch for economic assassination against Commissary, as retribution for some perceived wrong against him.

    Mr. Sietsema never disclosed, apparently including to his editors, a previous, very close personal relationship with one of our principals. A relationship that ended abruptly and seemingly left him bitter.

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