Sicilian Jail Puts Ban on Prisoners Wearing Designer Labels

If you’re a member of the mafia who is currently imprisoned in Sicily, let us first say a) thank you very, very much for reading our site and b) we’re tight-lipped and not here to cause any trouble. Let us just consider this a friendly note, shall we? In an interesting/fun story, the Telegraph reports that the new head of a jail in Palermo wants to put in place a rule that will not allow the prisoners to wear clothing or accessories from designer labels. Apparently, because prisoners are allowed to wear their own clothes, members of the mafia imprisoned there have been “showing off their status with Louis Vuitton jackets, Valentino silk shirts and Adidas and Nike trainers,” which the new head of the jail is tired of. Here’s a bit:

“Why should the authorities be allowed to dictate what my husband wears?” one woman told La Stampa newspaper.

Another complained: “My husband will have to walk around naked because he only has designer clothes, not to show off but because they’re of better quality and they last longer. Why humiliate him in this way and make me go and buy all his clothes in street markets?”

Our questions is: how do you stop it? Couldn’t the prisoners simply transition into less flashy, but still designer-made clothing, with the logos a bit more subdued? And if that happens, will their be regular fashion checks and a registry of brands that are deemed less showy? And if that list gets out, will it ruin the fashion industry?