Sibblingz Launches HTML5 Mobile Gaming Platform Called Spaceport

Although Facebook and Google have championed HTML5 as the future of building mobile applications, many developers still have yet to move away from building native apps for both performance and distribution reasons.

But as Android takes off, more and more companies will find themselves in a position of having to support multiple platforms, devices and app stores. They’ll certainly be hungry for a better way.

Enter Sibblingz. The company, which spun out of Peter Relan’s YouWeb like recently acquired OpenFeint and social gaming company Crowdstar, is launching a cloud-based social gaming platform which it says will support games on any mobile platform along with Facebook.

Many companies have tried to tackle the dream of “writing once, running anywhere,” on mobile, but we have yet to see a solution take off among developers.

Sibblingz’ idea in Spaceport is that game developers should build a game once in Javascript and have it work across Facebook, the web and every major mobile OS. After developers write the code, Spaceport renders the graphics and drawings natively, optimizing them for whatever device a player is using. Just as many of the bigger independent mobile-social gaming developers are doing, Spaceport lets its users push changes instantly by updating the Javascript code. That means no waiting for any lengthy or unpredictable app store approval processes. Spaceport also provides some very basic analytics, like number of hourly sessions and retention rates.

The company’s doing a public test-run of Spaceport with a synchronous role-playing game called MiniQuest later this month.  Sibblingz says the game should work across 1 billion smartphones at 30 frames per second. It will be available in the Apple, Nokia and Android app stores.

Spaceport is an update to an older cross-device gaming platform that Sibblingz developed called Jetpack. It powered two of Crowdstar’s games, Happy Island and It Girl. Unlike the older version though, Sibblingz will make licensing of Spaceport available to many partners. The company earns its revenue through licensing the technology.