Show Me the Money! Here are the Top Five States for Women’s Salaries

PayingWe Can Do It homage to women’s history month as it comes to a close within the next week, we need to talk about earnings.

Per new data from personal finance site NerdWallet, there are a states where the wage gap is closing in. The bad news? Beware of Wyoming, Louisiana, West Virginia and Utah. That’s because women earn less than 72 cents for every dollar men earn. This statistic is based on median salaries.

Technically, the national average indicates full-time male employees earn more than 23.6 percent than woman. Add up a few hundred dollars every week and multiply that by months and years and you have a significant disconnect.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (via BusinessInsider), women out-earned men in two occupations back in 2012 — counselors and health practitioner support technologists and technicians. As for another small victory, women tend to out-earn men when it comes to part-time jobs.

Without further ado, here is the list of the top states for women bringing home the bacon:

1. District of Columbia: Women earn 90.1 percent of what men earn

2. Maryland: 85.3 percent

3. Nevada: 85.3 percent

4. Vermont: 84.9 percent

5. New York: 83.9 percent