Should Two Titles Equal Twice The Pay?

Let’s say you’ve got one of those job titles that makes sense in an “only in 2010” sort of way: “Director of Social Media & Editorial.” Or “Account Director and General Manager.” Shouldn’t you be getting paid twice as much? After all, you’re doing two jobs.

At Compensation Cafe (yes, there’s a blog for everything now), compensation consultant Margaret O’Hanlon explains how companies should deal with these situations…not to say they always do, but this would be a good approach.

“With a job like the Director of Purchasing and Security, we typically will price both benchmark jobs (e.g. Purchasing, Security), take the higher rate of the two and add a premium. During the job analysis and review of the scope of responsibilities, we would have gathered enough information to determine if a modest increase was appropriate or a more significant adjustment was called for. The adjustments we make are usually in the 10% to 15% range. And, there have also been exceptional cases as low as 5% and as high as 20%.” So you’re never just taking two salaries and adding them together, but nor should someone with two titles have exactly the same pay as someone with just one.

Another point to bring up, thanks to a commenter there: “it’s fun sticking your finger in lots of pies.” And since wearing multiple hats is a growth opportunity, that’s almost the same as a raise, right? (Answer: only if you walk away and take your skills somewhere else—not easy to do in the mediaverse in this economy.)