Short And Tweet: Recapping The 2010 Shorty Awards

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Annual Shorty Awards at TheTimesCenter at The New York Times Tower. We were initially dismayed that we 1) could not immediately find the open bar (it was, fortunately, tucked safely away downstairs, replete with Twitter-inspired drinks made with Maker’s Mark) and that 2), because of a cruel and unforgiving caste system put in place by the event’s organizers, those of us given pale blue “fail whale” pins were to remain trapped, boozy and disoriented, in a large room, left to watch the night’s events on a screen, while those with brown pins were allowed to wander upwards, into the light and within the main room where the stage was located. Luckily, with a little bit of luck and ingenuity, we were able to make our way into the main room and sit in the second row, not more than six feet away from host Rick Sanchez’s approximately 47 inches of makeup.

This year’s winners were chosen by a combination votes sent in via Twitter and judging by the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences, which include Kurt Andersen, Alyssa Milano, MC Hammer (!!!), Joi Ito, Craig Newmark, David Pogue, and Jimmy Wales.

One of the highlights of the evening was the moment the winner in the “Weird” category — The Llama — was interrupted (or Kanye’d, if you will) by an exuberant, bearded young man [Ed. note: The man in question turns out to be the esteemed and evidently much-beloved “East Side Dave.“] whom we will go ahead and call “Inebriated Ginger.” Inebriated Ginger leapt to the stage, screaming obscenities, before grabbing the mic from a befuddled Rick Sanchez whom, we assume, was flummoxed that someone else should try and make the show all about himself. Inebriated Ginger then broke out into an impromptu breakdance before being hauled away by security.

Another high point was a video poking (heh) gentle fun at a “Mark Z.” who wished to buy Twitter. Suze Orman, the winner in the “Finance” category, curtly informed young Mark — who “did not even graduate” — that he was denied.

PRNewser’s Joe Ciarallo was also at the awards last night. You can read his recap of the events here.

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the Shorty Awards’ very own Kanye moment.

A full list of winners, after the jump.

Advertising: Frank Adman, @FrankAdman

Application: TweetDeck, @TweetDeck

Art: deviantART, @deviantART

Brand (two-way tie): Whole Foods Market, @WholeFoods; Sesame Street, @SesameStreet

Celebrity: Nathan Fillion, @NathanFillion

Cultural Institution: (three-way tie) Jonah Holland of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, @lewisginter; Reduced Shakespeare Company, @reduced; Poetry Society of America, @Poetry_Society

Customer Service: Bonnie Smalley, @ComcastBonnie

Design: Smashing Magazine, @smashingmag

Entertainment: TrueBlood HBO, @TrueBloodHBO

Finance: Suze Orman, @SuzeOrmanShow

Food: Foodimentary, @Foodimentary

Government: Cory Booker, @CoryBooker

Health: Rachael Dunlop, @DrRachie

Humor (two-way tie): David Thorne, @27bslash6; Mrs. Stephen Fry, @MrsStephenFry

Innovation: Helen Klein Ross’s Betty Draper, @Betty Draper

Journalist (two-way tie): William Bonner, @realwbonner; Rachel Maddow, @maddow

Literature: Arjun Basu, @arjunbasu

Music (two-way tie): Ivete Sangalo, @ivetesangalo; Ted Leo, @tedleo

News: The Diane Rehm Show, @drshow

Nonprofit: To Write Love On Her Arms, @TWLOHA

Politics: The Nation, @thenation

Science : Jen Scheer, @flyingjenny

Sports: Bill Simmons, @sportsguy33

Tech: Mark Watson, @soldierknowsbest

Travel: Paul Smith, @twitchhiker

Weird: The Llama, @DoWhatITellYou

Special Humanitarian Award: Carel Pedre, @carelpedre

Real-Time Photo: “Plane in the Hudson” by Janis Krums