Shhh…Nikki Schwab to U.S. News & World Report’s Whispers Column

Gossip isn’t entirely dead in Washington. It’s just moving around.

Nikki Schwab is jumping off the good ship Red Alert Politics to assume the byline on the “Washington Whispers” column at U.S. News & Word Report. She will be an Associate Editor. The Washington Examiner, where Schwab formerly wrote “Yeas & Nays” gossip column, and Red Alert Politics are owned by the same parent company, MediaDC. “Washington Whispers” was the longtime column of Paul Bedard, before he moved over to the Washington Examiner where he writes the “Secrets” column.

Apparently Schwab is the third former U.S. News staffer to return to the “Mother Ship” in the past few months. “Washington Whispers” has appeared in the pub since 1933, as they put it, “offering a fun take at the scene inside Washington.”

See the memo.

Subject: Nikki Schwab


Please join me in welcoming Nikki Schwab to U.S. News. Well, actually it is welcoming back Nikki, who is returning as Associate Editor to lead our Whispers coverage.

Nikki, many of you will remember, had her first U.S. News tour of duty from 2007 to 2009 when she contributed to Whispers, covered technology and politics during the 2008 presidential campaign, and produced stories for online. Nikki comes back to U.S. News from Red Alert Politics, where she wrote the Yeas and Nays column and served as the site’s political entertainment editor. She did the same column for the Washington Examiner before that.

Nikki’s work has appeared on, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, D.C. Magazine and Washington Life.

A native of Ligonier, Pa., Nikki graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh and holds a master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University.

For those keeping track, Nikki  is the third former U.S. News staffer to return to the mother ship in the past couple of months, along with Lucy Lyons and Shannon Tkach.

Tim Smart
Executive Editor

Correction and explanation: Red Alert Politics and the Washington Examiner are owned by MediaDC. “Yeas & Nays” was removed from the Washington Examiner during their transition period and moved over to Red Alert Politics. The above has been altered to reflect these facts.