SheSpeaks TV Wants Your Clients and Influencers

The "engagement network" just launched a YouTube channel.

she speaks tv

Do you have clients looking to address American women aged 30 and older?

SheSpeaks, the “engagement network that connects brands to women,” conducts surveys with New York firm Lippe Taylor, and offers comment on Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” campaign, just launched its own YouTube channel — and the group wants your pitches.

The channel, which officially launched this week, is just getting started. But group founder/CEO Aliza Freud calls it “the ultimate platform for women to broadcast and share their stories.” Freud says that she created the new project to “fill a void” revealed by the fact that a majority of SheSpeaks’ members do not currently subscribe to ANY YouTube Channels.

Here’s Freud explaining the project:

SheSpeaks counts “250K female influencers” in its network, but Freud tells us that the company is very open to pitches:

“If a brand or agency is interested in having a product featured in an upcoming SheSpeaksTV sponsored video, they can contact If an influencer is interested in appearing on SheSpeaksTV, they can also reach out to:”

Those who specialize in the space will probably be familiar with SheSpeaks, which works with brands like P&G, Citibank, and L’Oreal to “tailor social media activation programs.”

Future videos will feature lifestyle vlogger Vera Sweeney (among others), and the group plans an influencer gathering in Manhattan this July.