Shepherd Mead Estate Decides To Self-Publish Backlist eBooks

Author Shepherd Mead’s backlist titles are coming to your digital reader, but not through a traditional publisher. The author’s estate decided to forego publishing eBook versions of his popular backlist titles with Simon & Schuster and publish them directly through Amazon and Smashwords, and soon through Nook.

Grant Turck, the Mead Estate’s Literary Manager at Velocity Management, said that it took too long to sign the deal with a traditional publisher. He stated: “Ultimately, the longer Simon & Schuster delays in reaching a fair deal with my client the more expensive it will become for them since the Estate is already actualizing the value of their Without Really Trying brand.”

Mead’s backlist titles now available include: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying; How to Succeed with Women Without Really Trying: The Dastard’s Guide to the Birds and Bees; How to Stay Medium-Young Practically Forever Without Really Trying; and How to Succeed at Business Spying by Trying: A Novel About Industrial Espionage.

In May, the Mead Estate plans to release How to Succeed in Tennis Without Really Trying, How to Get Rich in TV Without Really Trying, and How to Live Like a Lord Without Really Trying.