Shepard Fairey and Kenny Scharf Design Bikes for Lance Armstrong

Sometimes you just need to get away to the building absurdity of a lawsuit and get out there to work on something else. So it is with Shepard Fairey who has designed a new bike for Lance Armstrong to ride in the upcoming Giro d’Italia race. Though when we say “design” we don’t mean Fairey somehow suddenly learned how to engineer the various friction reduction and gear placement and all that — we mean aesthetically he designed the bike. Along with Fairey, the cartoon-y, pop artist Kenny Scharf also put together a new look for Armstrong’s Trek bikes, both of which will be ridden on and used to support an upcoming cancer benefit in July, then auctioned off come October. Here’s a bit about the “what’s going on there?” for each bike from SuperTouch, who has a lot of great photos of both:

Getting up on Lance’s “daily driver” Trek Madone road bike, Shepard Fairey created a vibrant homage to Lance’s cancer fighting foundation while including ancient patterning in homage of Italy’s rich architectural details. NYC Pop Art legend Kenny Scharf took a totally different approach to Lance’s Trek TTX time trial cycle and created the “lightspeed” space bike that will hopefully hurtle Tex across the finish line in record time.