SheKnows Launches Integrated Experts Content Platform

With 38 million monthly uniques, is already a huge destination for women. Today, the company has added “Experts Among Us,” an integrated content platform of bloggers arrayed across its Food, Travel, Beauty, Parenting and other channels.

Among the 500 initial experts are financial blogger Amanda Clayman (The Good, the Bad, and the Money), parenting blogger Kristen Howerton (Rage Against The Minivan), sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff (author of the forthcoming Got Teens? The Doctor Mom’s Guide to Sexuality, Social Media, and Other Adolescent Realities) and Sandra Denneler, creator of viral recipe the Piñata Cookie. To anchor the “Experts Among Us” initiative, SheKnows has developed its own proprietary blogger ranking system, the results of which for now are for corporate eyes only.

“We use 43 different data points and together, like Klout, they add up to 100,” explains SheKnows chief revenue officer Samantha Skey to FishbowlNY via telephone. “We have four major areas of attribution that each of the experts are evaluated against: their social reach; the quality of their content; their subject matter expertise; and their passion for sharing. That last category is very qualitative, but it also ends up being quite powerful.”

“It’s an internal ranking system,” adds Skey (pictured). “Whether we at some point start sharing our expert rankings with readers will be a strategic decision down the road. I don’t know, right now, if the scoring is motivating to our experts, and we’re being really transparent with them. We’re talking to them a lot about what the program will entail and what kind of utilities, mentoring and promotion will be provided.”

“Right now, it also feels like it wouldn’t be motivating to show experts their own scores, because most of them are coming to us in large part because of their passion for the topic and not to compete with their peers. But as we grow the program, I think we’ll be able to iterate around how the score is used.”

As might be expected, the great majority the SheKnows experts are female. There are in fact just six men in the bunch, including Skey’s brother Scott, owner of catering company Bite.

Skey joined the company six months ago, right after SheKnows was sold at the beginning of the year by Evolve Media to Boston-based private equity firm Great Hill Partners. She was previously CRO for clean tech company RecycleBank and  CMO for Passenger, a provider of private online communities for brands.

“Pinterest is for us by far the strongest social media network and referrer,” Skey says. “I think that’s pretty obvious because of the themes we’re dealing in, they’re very visual and lend themselves really well to visual representation. Instagram is also very strong for us.”