Shed Unwanted Wrinkles and Blemishes, Instantly!


If you’ve noticed, this blog likes to talk about re-branding. We’ve always thought it’s an interesting phenomenon, because, particularly in today’s age, where the brand can be the only thing a company has, it’s such a gigantic, potentially winning, potentially devistating, change. And the bigger the brand, the more shocking it is. It’s as though you come home to visit your parents one day and they’ve both had major plastic surgery. They may, possibly look better, but geez if it isn’t ever something you’re going to have to get used to. That said, it seems there’s been a lot of these corporate face lifts lately, and here’s a few more. Speak Up has this round-up of a few new ones. And here’s TLC’s new look (which resembles that new Vodophone one we’d talked about the other day).