Sharon Stone Sequel : Queen of the Razzies


Basic Instinct 2 has been nominated for seven Golden Raspberry Awards, including picture and actress for Sharon Stone. Nominations traditionally come out a day before the Academy announces Oscar nominations. Brian Hegleland has won both in one year, but not for the same movie. Thus far, only James Coco and Amy Irving have been nominated for both awards for the same performance–both lost, as well. FBLA lives for the day a Razzie-winning anything gets an Oscar.

Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson are competing with Stone, and we predict that Simpson has a long future ahead of her in this category.

The Damon Brothers comedy Little Man also had seven, including worst film and actor (both Shawn and Marlon Wayans).

Others up for the worst film award include BloodRayne, Lady in the Water and The Wicker Man, which seems unfair. Surely big budget bombs should have their own category, but then so should Uwe Boll.

Anyone can vote on the Razzies, and you can join at the site.