Share Your Internet shopping Experience at ThisNext

ThisNext have built great resource for people to find interesting products to buy. It is completely social site where users share their experience about interesting and useful products making their own shopcasts (lists of product picks). Using ThisNext site you are able to find very interesting stuff recommended by people who maybe have the same taste like you and also you are able to help others to find perfect vase for their kitchen table for example. I will repeat words from The Washinton Post – “Like shopping? Social Networking? Try Social Shopping.”


Searching/browsing features at ThisNext are really good, they have made everything very understandable and comfortable for users adding several parameters to products and tagging them. You are able to read and leave comments for each product listed at site and this helps to not to lose connection with people – it is very important, it is necessary, it is Web 2.0!

Great shopcast lists can be about activities (like climbing or cooking) or things (like fashion or food). They can even be about lifestyles (like being green). Shopcast lists and picks are tagged and searchable on ThisNext for easy discovery by other people.

Share your Internet shopping experience

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