Share files with BoxCloud

BoxCloud offers very simple solution to share large files between people. It is solution for designers and media professionals who need to interchange files in their daily job and with the BoxClout it gets more easier.


To start use BoxCloud you need to install simple application on your desktop and with the help of “drag and share” functionality share your files. It is really easy to work with BoxCloud and I don’t know why I want to compare it with Skype because of user interface which is minimalistic but works great.

The best thing about BoxCloud is that to receive files you don’t need to install any software – it requires only to share files. The recipient only gets link and after registration at BoxCloud can download files. BoxCloud software now is available for Windows and Mac OS X. To see the price list of the service you can go here, but I want to mention that you can use it also for free.

Other similar file sharing servises:

My favorite still is, but BoxCloud looks really good alternative and maybe somebody founds it much better – I don’t blame them.
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