Share Dropbox Content Via Text Message

Texting app TextMe has redesigned its Android app and integrated it with Dropbox, allowing users to share Dropbox documents through text message. TextMe users can access their Dropbox photos, videos, and other documents, and share them via text message from the TextMe app. Recipients don’t have to be TextMe or Dropbox users, the content will show up as a text.

TextMe announced the news yesterday at DBX, Dropbox’s first developer conference. At the show, they also introduced native support for Google Glass, Pebble Watch and Android tablets.

“Our vision has always been to connect anyone in the world, and let our users share more with their friends,” stated Greg Kokanosky, CTO/co-founder of TextMe. “This new version of our Android app takes us a major step closer to this goal by letting our users share their Dropbox content with anyone in the world via sms directly from TextMe on both Android smartphones and tablets.”