Casual Remark by Shannon Tweed Sparks Attack of the Groupies

Sometimes, great ideas arise from simple, casual conversation. Case in point: the new iPhone-iPad game Attack of the Groupies.

Per an article in St. John’s, Newfoundland paper The Telegram, when Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed attended the Atlantic Brand Confabulation event there last year, they met Gogii Games president George Donovan. The company, based in Moncton, New Brunswick, has created titles such as Escape the Museum and Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse.

Donovan asked Mrs. Tweed-Simmons if she had ever thought about doing a video game:

“I’d played some of those games on my phone as a way to waste time, but that’s it,” Tweed-Simmons told The Telegram. “He said, ‘You should do one,’ and I said, ‘Like what — ‘Attack of the Groupies’ or something? He said, ‘That’s a great idea.’”
The game features an animated Tweed-Simmons fighting off hordes of crazed female groupies intent on getting their hands on her man.

Tweed-Simmons and her daughter Sophie did the voiceovers for the game; Sophie additionally designed some of the weapons while Tweed-Simmons’ sister Tracy is also featured. The actress and reality star says many of the groupies are based on real people she has encountered over the years.

Tweed-Simmons has been busy tweeting her celeb friends about the new product. The game was released Tuesday and features a free first level.