SGN and David Maestri Reach Settlement over Mob Wars

The ongoing legal dispute between SGN and former Freewebs employee David Maestri over rights to the popular (and highly profitable) Facebook game Mob Wars has come to a conclusion.

The two sides are announcing today that they came to a settlement on December 16 in which Maestri’s firm Psycho Monkey will retain ownership of Mob Wars, but both SGN and Psycho Monkey have rights to “build future games using this gameplay template.” In addition, SGN also received an undisclosed cash settlement.

With over 2.4 million active users, Mob Wars is one of the most popular games on the Facebook Platform, and is widely regarded for spawning a cottage industry of knock-offs after rumors surfaced that the app was doing very well financially. In August, Inside Facebook interviewed the “Godfather” behind Mob Wars’ offer-based monetization efforts, Super Rewards.

AppData for Mob Wars:

We’ll continue to track both SGN’s and Psycho Monkey’s efforts to build on the success of Mob Wars now that the legal dispute has been resolved.