SF Chronicle Embraces Citizen Journalists


Phil Bronstein, up in the Bay area, has been busy as a bee, selecting bloggers for SFGate.com. Citizen journalists include BlogHer stalwart Grace Davis. She posts:

I was selected from a sizable and intimidating list of Northern California bloggers to participate in this venture, and I am humbled to be associated with the distinguished organization behind this initiative.

That distinguished organization, the Chonicle is an object lesson for Los Angelenos who want the Times to be (a) owned by a rich guy and (b) do more local news. Hearst owns the paper, and most of the international news comes from the wires. But there was a milk truck plunge story. Bronstein, the ex-consort of Sharon Stone, would like to be known for something else, but with circulation dropping 15%, FBLA thinks he should thank his lucky stars for that big scaly thing.

FBLA isn’t suggesting that the LA Times pick up a few local bloggers–there are more than enough professionals down at Spring Street right now. But SFGate.com is a pretty lively site, while the LAT’s website is a dud.