Sex Scandal Slip of the Tongue

As Weinergate gets mired in a smattering of side stories — Weiner underwear, upped hot dog sales and a dating site for Sugar Daddies that wants to use Weiner’s weiner — another one catches our eye. It’s other lawmakers who are getting caught in their own Weineresque scandals minus the fantastic name to boot.

So why not mistake a pol named Mark Cusack for John Cusack? Far more entertaining.

The latest example, reported by Mediaite this morning, involves 26-year-old Massachusetts State Rep. Mark Cusack who was allegedly caught having  a late night rendezvous in the House Chamber. When caught, Cusack pulled a Nelson Lewis (of His Excellency, Bahamian fame) and initially offered a fake name, Mickey Collins. (Some might recall Washington’s version of this when Lewis, after claiming he was assaulted, was caught wearing a member’s pin and claimed to be Georgia GOP Rep. Jack Kingston.) Google searches reveal that at least one “Mickey Collins” is a national expert on sports concussions.

Mediaite ran the footage of an interview from WCVB-TV Boston in which the newscaster mistakes “Mark” for “John.” We’re pretty sure the actor activist is not starring in WeinerGate II.

Read the full story and see the clip here.