Sex, Love, and Smartphones

Tech-lovers would give up sex over phones

Would you rather give up your smartphone for a week or sex? According to a national survey, a third of Americans would easily eschew a night of passion in favor of a night of tagging, posting, and poking on their smartphones if faced with the dilemma.

A survey by Telenav wanted to see just how attached people were to their smartphones by pitting common habits and indulgences against the almighty piece of technology. The survey found that more than half of respondents would rather toss caffeine, chocolate, or exercise to the wayside for a week than to be without their smartphones. More than 20 percent said they would buck the “habit” of brushing their teeth just to keep their texting fingers agile.

The survey is the most recent in a line of research investigating how smartphone use affects interpersonal relationships. A study by OkCupid found that extremely active Twitter users tended to have shorter relationships than those who refrained from Tweeting altogether or who used the site only on occasion. Though recent research has shown that an increasing number of smartphone users would rather utilize their handheld technologies than interact with other humans, Telenav’s study offered a silver lining: more than 80 percent of iPhone users who responded to the survey said they thought other iPhone users would make ideal partners.

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