Sex is the Most Sought After Book This Year

According to, the pop artist Madonna’s book Sex is the most requested title among users.

For the past 14 years, has been helping book lovers find obscure and hard to get out-of-print books. For all that time, the website has also been tracking which titles people want most. Actually, most of the books aren’t obscure; they just had short print runs or were never adequately promoted by their publishers. Some, like Norman Mailer’s biography of Marilyn Monroe, are a surprise. You would think that these titles would be in print.

This list doesn’t reflect titles that cannot be found, just ones that are asked for the most. But it viewed by publishers as a list of books that need to be in print again. There is obviously a customer base.

Just think: Most of the titles on this list could be released as eBooks and then they’d never be out of print. In fact, while Sex might not work as a Kindle or Nook eBook, it could still be released as an app. Then it wouldn’t be out of stock.