How to set up your own online call-in radio show

Currently, the only way to have your own radio show is to a) be a part of an existing radio station b) podcast c) set up an antenna and some tin foil. Blog Talk Radio is changing the radio game and is revolutionizing how bloggers interact with their readers.

Blog Talk Radio lets anyone with a telephone and an internet connection to set up their own streaming online talk radio show. The best part is listeners can call a dedicated number to talk with the on-air personality live. A lot of newspapers have set up online chats between sources and readers, but this allows readers to actually hear the person as they talk. Media outlets who podcast can now make them interactive using the service.

Registration takes only a few minutes and hosts are given a number to call to start their own show. Listeners can either call a US telephone number to tune in or listen from the embedded audio player on the site. During the show, up to five others can participate as guests or call-in responders. Once the show is finished, it is archived online and automatically made available as a podcast and RSS feed.

Media companies, bloggers and other businesses can join the ranks of The Huffington Post and The Star-Ledger and set up branded channels with shows hosted by in-house personalities. Check out an example of a Blog Talk Radio show in the embedded player below.