Senate Hearing On Newspapers

Just in case we didn’t think newspapers were in enough trouble, Senator John Kerry has called for hearings by the Senate Commerce Committee, to discuss the financial problems of newspapers. Just what we need, another group of non-newspaper people discussing the problems with newspapers. We know how well that worked out for papers like the Philadelphia Inquirer.
The Boston Globe published a letter from Kerry to the council stating, “America’s newspapers are struggling to survive and while there will be serious consequences in terms of the lives and financial security of the employees involved, including hundreds at the Globe, there will also be serious consequences for our democracy where diversity of opinion and strong debate are paramount.”
Yes we understand that, but even veteran newspaper publishers can’t agree on how save the industry&#151and start making money&#151what makes you think a group of politicians could? Thanks Kerry, but maybe you guys should turn your attention back to things you understand, like corrupt financial firms.