Seesmic for Android 1.2.1 is a Great Twitter Client But Still Can’t Post Photos

Seesmic for Android is my Twitter client of choice. It has a lot going for it:

– Free
– Support multiple accounts
– Fast
– It looks good (good typeface choice, good use of whitespace, etc.)
– It appears optimized to displaying a lot of tweets while still be readable

The 1.2.1 update last week added support to post photos to TweetPhoto. I had not had much luck posting to yfrog in earlier versions. So, I hoped this update provided the fix. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like 1.2.1 fixed the photo posting issue. Although the photo itself showed up on TweetPhoto, Seesmic’s tweet looked like this…

Testing Seesmic for Android with TweetPhoto******

I’m still sticking with Seesmic despite this shortcoming. But, I sure wish it gets fixed in the next update.