Seesmic 1.1 for iPhone Gets Major Updates & iAd Ads Too

Seesmic’s version 1.1 update to its iPhone app looks like a major one.

Seesmic for iPhone Updates: Retina Display, Instapaper & Read it Later, Add to Twitter Lists, View Facebook Messages

Major changes:
– Retina display compatible
– Compatible with iOS 4 and support of “Fast app switching”
– Pull-down to refresh and infinite scrolling in timelines
– Ability to send URLs you visit to Instapaper and Read It Later

New features specific to the Twitter space:
– Direct Messages are now organized by threads, and creating a new Direct Message is now much simpler with user selection
– You can now create new Lists, and add people to Lists
– Verified Accounts now have a “Verified” icon on their Profile
– You can filter the Retweets timeline by type of Retweet
-Tapping the “in reply to…” in a Tweet now display the full public conversation, not just the last reply

New features specific to the Facebook space:
– The Newsfeed is now displayed much better, and will be much faster to browse
– You can now read (only) your private messages inbox
– Your list of Friends and Pages are now displayed and you can also see the profile of your friends and pages right from the app

It is, unfortunately, not a “Universal” app that rescales on the iPad’s display. Nor is there an iPad specific version. And, oh yes, the U.S. version of this update will features advertisements from Apple iAd.

Seesmic 1.1 (App Store)