Secrets of The Red Carpet, Part I

With Emmys fast approaching, FBLA will be talking to tons (OK, two) multi-tasking lovlies who will be both walking down the Red Carpet and reporting from it.

Our first is Samantha Harris, the Emmy-nominated host of Dancing With the Stars and E! News correspondent.

Samantha is busy, busy, busy this week. But not too busy to answer some dumb questions for FBLA:

Q: How many dresses will you be wearing this year?

A: Well, this year just one. Usually I have one for the daytime live show on E! and then another for the late night Post-Emmy Show. This year, however, I actually get to walk the red carpet as a nominee for hosting Dancing! Then I’ll sneak out of the telecast early to get in position and mic’d up to co-host the E!’s Live Emmy Post Show (hopefully with Emmy statue in hand!).

Q: Who will be wearing more makeup, you or Ryan Seacrest?
A: Seacrest. Definitely.

Q: Do you two share lipstick?
A: Hair mousse, yes. Lipstick, no. His shade is much darker.

Q: Are there any celebs you still get tongue-tied around?
A: Let’s all take a moment to reflect on the hotness of Dr. McDreamy — Patrick Dempsey.

Q: Exactly how damn cute are you?
A: Do you want how my mom would answer? My hubby? They’d be much more generous than I.