Secret Tweets


So we here at MediaJobsDaily are all about helping you find jobs and keep your job. In the good old days when the economy was still robust, few companies would complain about their employees taking a moment or two to check their personal e-mail or log on to Facebook. In today’s economy, unfortunately, there’s less people and much more work, so digital goofing off is ill advised.

Still we know you’re addicted to socializing online and we want to do everything we can to facilitate that addiction. Meet SpreadTweet, the newest application in the Twittering sphere. SpreadTweet looks like an excel sheet, but is actually a way of keeping tabs on your Twitter account all day long. The application comes in Office OSX, Office 2003 for Windows and Office 2007 for Windows, so you can match the page with your company’s own excel system. Now you can look busy for the boss and still keep up with your daily tweets. Oh technology, how we love you!