SeaWorld Breathes a Sigh of Relief As Blackfish Shut Out of Oscar Nominations

So the Oscar nominations came out today, and we have to say: Jonah Hill‘s come a long way since Knocked Up.

We also agree with the Orlando Sentinel: there’s little doubt that SeaWorld execs and company reps were anxious about today’s announcement and even less doubt that they’re glad Blackfish didn’t get the nod for Best Documentary Feature.

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And yes, that’s definitely why they chose this week to announce that they’d broken attendance and revenue records in 2013.

On Monday, The Cove director Louie Psihoyos told our friends at Mother Nature Network that an Oscar win would be “game over” for SeaWorld; we wonder how he feels about the snub.

Yes, SeaWorld has suffered a whole lot of terrible publicity and will continue to do so—but as a recent YouGov survey revealed, the overall damage has been relatively mild.

You wouldn’t know it from our Twitter feed. Once again, the main point we draw from this story is that social media can serve as bubble, isolating us from those who don’t share our views or interests. It’s like only reading political blogs that swing one way or the other: after a while one can easily come to believe that his or her own views represent “the mainstream.”

That’s not to say SeaWorld’s troubles are over. Just an observation.