Sean Fennessy Discusses The Ringer

The editor shares some info.

Sean Fennessy is the editor of Bill Simmons’ highly-anticipated new site, The Ringer.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Fennessy shared details about The Ringer. Some highlights are below.

On what The Ringer will do differently than Grantland:

I think we want to have a group of young writers that can move inside of the news cycle more quickly than we did in the past. We will still have great columnists. We will attempt to have elite feature writing. Those are hallmarks of what we did in the past and totally meaningful to us going forward. But I think we need to move a little quicker given the way consumption works and the way mobile has transformed content.

On how The Ringer will define success:

Doing stories that we know connect with people, writing columns that activate people’s imagination. That is what is most interesting to us and there is a way to know if that is working than just relying on page views.

On The Ringer’s audience:

Our audience in the past skewed young and I am hopeful we will continue to excite young readers. But there will be things for all kinds of readers.

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