SE Man Arrested for Rosenbaum Murder

hamlin.jpgPolice arrested a 23-year-old Southeast man last night for the murder of David Rosenbaum after he turned himself in following release of surveillance tape photos. Michael C. Hamlin was charged with felony murder after making a statement to police; around 9 p.m. last night, he was led off in handcuffs to search for the weapon used. Police are still looking for a second man.

Hamlin went to the police station in Anacostia to ask why “my face is in the news,” after local stations aired tapes of someone using credit cards stolen in the attack.

According to police, the attack appeared to be random, and Hamlin then allegedly used Rosenbaum’s credit cards to purchase a variety of goods, including parts for his car. All told, some $1,300 worth of goods were charged on the stolen cards.

The breaking story last night meant that early editions of the Washington Post ran the story on the inside, while only later ones gave it prominent play.

REMINDER: There’s a memorial service for Rosenbaum this morning at Dirksen.