Today on GMA, Charlie Gibson had an “exclusive” interview with Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor – still technically a sitting judge, mind you, at least until a certain hunky Presidential nominee is confirmed – about her soon-to-be-released children’s book “Chico,” the tale of a girl and her horse. Aw. Great get for GMA – although an unfortunate day for it,Katrina-wise. It would have been a big score for GMA (today’s “Today” sked was nothing to crow about) but for the obvious Katrina coverage (see TVNewser for a comment on how NBC brought out their big guns to location for the coverage). According to Charlie Gibson later in the program, SDO was very concerned about the hurricane and the fate of New Orleans. We were, too, which is why we DVR’d the interview and are only writing this now. Upshot: Katrina aside, nice exclusive for GMA. Yet another indication that they’re hungry and that Today shouldn’t relax anytime soon.